Peak Climbing

The Himalayas of Nepal offer decades of popular adventure climbing peaks in different regions and ranges. There are unlimited numbers of peaks so far 1310 peaks are identified and among them, a very few peaks are climbed every year. Trekking peaks are the mountains which are generally between 5000 meters to below 7000 meters. The most popular trekking peaks Mera, Island, and Lobuche are in the Everest region and Chulu West is in Annapurna sector. The climbing permits for these peaks issued by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). While trekking, the peaks are adjusted to summit from base camp to top the mountain and descend to the base camp in the same day. Like climbing, expedition theses trekking peaks do not need a long period. In autumn and spring, the base camps of these mountains are crowded with tents and plus alpinists.  

Above peaks require minimum climbing skill and physical fitness if you compare with climbing expedition. We recommend peak climbing travelers to have a good in shape and also should go through outdoor activity. The routes are strenuous with icy crevasse, steep up to scale ridges to the top of the peaks. To summit all the peaks begins around 1 am to 2 am early in the morning. Walking on ice, grueling routes to reach on the top of the peak cause climbers exceedingly exhausted. As you stand on the peak from where spectacular mountain views appear close to the eyes in all the directions.

Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd organizes very highly mountaineering professional with our experienced Sherpa climbers and the team members. They instruct our clients some basic and important climbing training with how to use proper equipment before scaling the peaks. Every climbing part of the peak is explained to you by our Sherpa climbers who assist you to summit and in difficulties. Peak climbing equipment is required very comfortable for movement of the body, ascending and descending and can protect enough from freezing cold.

21 days

Island Peak

Island Peak Expedition is a popular and admired peak expedition in the Everest region. The peak has 6189m/20,305ft is located in Chukung

20 days

Lobuche East Peak

Lobuche East Peak consists of Everest region is an attractive summit, offering a variety of existing routes and wide scope for new

21 Days

Mera Peak

Mera Peak is still well known and easy to summit peaks in Nepal. It is in Makalu Barun National Park area. Most

22 days

Chulu West Peak

Chulu west Peak (6419m) climbing is one of the popular in Annapurna area with around Annapurna trekking. This peak is suitable for