Why with Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd

The vision of Company:  Nepal is the Himalaya Kingdom which has unlimited peaks, breathtaking mountain views, multicultural, tradition, religion, and exotic villages. 

Nepal is a homeland to varies of flora and faunas. It is a natural beauty and full of diversity so whoever visits in Nepal, he/she is professionally satisfied by our company for that purpose, Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd was established in favor of travelers.

Legal Document:  whatever works to function actively, it needs to equip enough with weapons, similarly to do the trek in Nepal, Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd has fully authorized and permitted from Nepal government, Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN (Trekking Association Agency Nepal) NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) so our clients freely, confidently and friendly join with our Trekking Company for spending their holiday in Nepal.

Our attention for clients:  As our clients enter in Nepal, then we fully take care during their stay in Nepal, providing all information up to date, tackling over problems. We maintain and create the holiday to enjoy full, success, safe and fantastic by creating an environment of their home till they stay in Nepal.

Food and Accommodation:  Trekking, climbing peak and Expedition are challenging and difficult outdoor activities. Food and overnight at lodges and guest houses in remote areas where we have already selected the best and hygienic once in every camp places. We take very high concern on our client’s health how to successfully end the trips.

In the case of Camping and Expedition, we have experienced and highly skilled Sherpa and cooks and assistant cooks. Sherpas who have been on top of Peaks and expedition summited before several times. Our cooks prepare various and delicious food in a hygienic manner.

Responsible field staffs: To make trekking fantastic, interesting and successful, depend on field staffs. Our group leaders, guides, Sherpas and porters are experts, experienced and skillful in all related trekking sectors. Day to night attentively alert on their duty as a responsible staff.  They guide, advice, instruct, remind and introduce culture systems in day to day camp.

Quick Response:  The Discovery Treks senses and reacts fast by responding to our clients. In the field staffs immediately freely and positively response any comprehensive matters to solve for better services. Do not hesitate to tell your problems with our staffs. The field staffs to the office there is a chain of command to quick response. As soon as information is passed to the office then the matter problem is immediately ratified or actively act on.

Day to day briefing:  Every day begins with a new day and places. It is better to say every day is a new day so our group leaders, guides give a lecture to the group about the next day trip in all details. The briefing is about the further situation of trail, altitude, weather, and destination and of course view of mountains and landscapes.

Safe and Safety:  geographically, socially, culturally and countrywide clients are new to land in Nepal to explore a new culture, society, exotic villages, densely forests and mountains. It is in life quite new, challenging, and strange, so it is difficult from climate, nature, food, drinks, trails, glaciers, and high passes. From all these circumstances how to overcome them by enjoying then carefully safe to the destination is our main goal of the company.

Trekking, Tour, Peak and Expedition operation:  Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd was found to create all activities in Nepal who are interested in trekking, tour, climbing peak and expedition. We organize in the best package price above all activities on the benefit of clients with full satisfaction guided by professional guides, tour guides, sherpas and assist of porters.