Climate of Nepal

Nepal is geographically and topographically different divided into three regions are Terai, hills, and mountains. The altitude rises from 60m sea level to 8848m so the climate in all seasons is not the same.

Nepal gets two types of monsoon, the summer monsoon-influenced by the Bay of Bengal and sometimes monsoon-influenced by the western Middle East. In the winter unexpected rainfalls causes of western weather wave. The summer season gets heavy rains, especially in the Terai and hilly region, which causes flooding and landslide natural calamities but less rain in the mountain region and some areas of the mountain have very less rain due to the Tibetan plateau and high mountain ranges. Pokhara gets the heaviest rainfall in summer in Nepal. The winter season the temperatures range 4-23 degrees, in the mountain above 3300m the temperatures range -10- 35 degrees. The hilly region has pleasant weather and temperatures. In the parts of Terai in hot time the temperature range 25 -44 degree while in hilly has pleasant and mountain region not so severely cold.

In general, the climate of Nepal in the hilly region is cool and cloudy and sunny and moist which depends on different 4 seasons. The spring season is colorful in every part of Nepal with blooming flowers, plants have tenderly new green leaves. Global warming effect changes the seasons and weather even temperatures. Autumn brings clear weather all most all areas of Nepal. The sky is blue far beyond views are clearly coming into our eyesight. The winter causes heavy snowfalls in the mountain region, it causes severe effects of life who live in those parts. Hilly low land gets admire climate. The Terai also sometimes covered inside the fuggy for a week-long, but most of the time humid and sunny.

Nepal has 4 seasons.

  • Spring: March to May
  • Summer: June to August
  • Autumn: September to November
  • Winter: December to February

Trekking in Nepal best seasons is autumn and spring in this timeless rain and cold. The sky is blue to view the mountains, clear weather and to walk on trails are safe and dry. During the trek in autumn trails course green views low to high trail. The spring trek is an opportunity to views of different kinds of rhododendron flowers above 2000m. Day to day trip is enjoyable, fantastic and convenient. Even the out of autumn and spring, trekkers do trekking in popular trekking routes such as in Annapurna region, Everest region and Langtang region where permanent accommodation is available.