Trip Grading

Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd has designed a frame for trekking grades according to it, every trekker should know in which category of the route, he/ she is going to do the trekking during a stay in Nepal.

The base of grading has been mainly outlined from altitude, a subdivision of trails and waking hours in a day. The trekking routes are classified in 4 categories which are Easy, Moderate, Hard and Strenuous to do trekking in a different region of Nepal.

The easy grading trek: includes three days to 2 weeks walking 5-6 hours every day. The altitude ranges above 800m to 3000m sea level. The trails are easy and wide which run up and down on stone paved stairs in the villages and interlaced of wild roots. While trekking in these routes exhibits local villages, charming farm terraces, mixed cultured, ethnic people, densely forest of rhododendron, cedar, maple, and magnolia. After climbing the hilltop, you have a panoramic view of mountain scenery.

The moderate trek: includes a week to 2 weeks walking 5-6 hours every day. The altitude ranges above 800m to 4000m. The trails begin from villages to a higher level of snow sections in terms of worse weather. Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang and Muktinath and lower parts of Everest are sited in the rank of the moderate trek. Exotic plants, tradition, flora, and fauna are chances to witness in this grade. After climbing the hilltop, you have close panoramic views of mountain and valley scenery.

The hard trek: includes two weeks and more walking 5-7hrs. The trails pass through low elevation to around 5600m and also courses high passes and glaciers. It is a part of adventure equalize. The routes offer barren meadows, forests of pine, birch, rhododendron, junipers, and cedar. Tibetan culture, tradition, and Buddhist religion can be experienced. Historical Base Camps contain in the dangles.

The strenuous trek: Such sorts of grading are above 6000m to 8848m for peak climbing and expedition. The clients need mountain climbing technique, skill and good for physical fitness. Obviously, the route is challenging and grueling and also summit days are comparatively unexpected long. Vista and views from the summit are definitely Picturesque, breathtaking and speechless.