Physical Fitness

Nepal is famous for trekking, climbing peaks and expedition in the world so to do all these outdoor adventure activities he/she must need to be a good physical condition.

Trekking Trails on up and down starts usually from 800 from sea level to higher Himalayas. There are trails which are divided into 4 categories are easy, modern, hard and strenuous. Usually, every day walking 5-6 hours to reach the day to day destination by offering various natural beauties of landscapes, villages, forests, and mountains. Trekkers without mountain skill generally do the trek on easy, moderate and hard trails simply with the help of proper equipment, walking poles while ascending and descending. It is ideal to walk slowly above 3000m and in the case of bad weather, high passes are blocked with snow. Strenuous can be applied while climbing peaks and above 8000m which requires mountain techniques and skills.

The Annapurna Discovery Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd has operated many and different high altitude trekking routes in Nepal for a safe and good holiday. Trekking trails begin from 800m to 5500m altitude, it takes a lot of physical effort, so we recommend you do physical fitness at least one month before your arrival in Nepal. You go through hiking, jogging, cycling, swimming, stretching leg muscles, regular running, and valley floor on the ridge. These training help you for easy and comfortable to complete the trip.

Easy trekking areas of Ghorepani, Poon Hill, Dhampus Poon Hill, Tatopani Muktinath, and Langtang have not really required very high physical fitness. These trekking routes cover gentle and comfortable village trek with good accommodation and also less high altitude. To do a trek, in this section, it is not required any age bar, but interest and trekking enthusiast is committed.

Popular trekking routes of Nepal in Everest, Langtang, and Annapurna are visited by millions of travelers from all over the world without any big seriousness. Physical health and age bar are different, but motivation and destination are one. Experienced guides and sherpas from Annapurna Discovery Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd help you to summit your desire of trekking in any parts of Nepal.

Except above these, mental and confident lead towards destinations, whatever obstacles appear. Accept and enjoy even discomfort paths that pushing up you to paradise places which ultimately purifies stress, tiredness and irritations.